Somalia has 3,333Km of coastal line and there is a crucial need for Maritime studies and Marine Science experts and based on this essential need Darul Hikmah University has originated the first unique Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Science in the South and Central Somalia on December 27, 2012.

The aim of the faculty is to provide students with knowledge, competencies, skills and awareness of a variety of subjects linked together by the common theme of Maritime Studies and Marine Science in response to the actual need for this field of knowledge in the country. The faculty also aims to be a centre of excellence for the research on maritime management and marine science.

Vision and Mission:

  • To be centre for research and consultancy for Somali maritime industry.
  • To produce specialized and highly qualified graduates with competitive skills that will contribute to Somali maritime industry.
  • Develop and enhance the professional skills for managers and officers who are working in the Somali maritime industry.

Faculty Departments:

  1. Department of Maritime Management
  2. Department of Fishery.
  3. Department of Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation

For further information and inquiries, please contact:

Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Science (FMSMS)
Darul Hikmah University (DHU)

Hodan District

Mogadishu – Somalia
Tel: +252-61-5507711 (Dean’s office)