Faculty of Economic and Management:


DarulHikmah University will provide an exceptional, student orientated experience. Faculty of economics and management will provide and build a tradition of academic distinction, professional commitment to enhance the reputation of the institution.


The Faculty of Economics and Management are committed to boost of the intellectual and economic potential of all the individuals and communities it serves through outstanding teaching, research, and leadership informed by the fundamental principles of responsible economics and management.


The primary objectives of courses are focusing the attention of students on the basics of economics and management knowledge and to deepen their understanding of the various economic and management forces that shape the modern world.

To create specializations that is practicable and meets the needs of our students to be able to compete in today’s workplace. . Faculty in this department offers courses in English towards the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in economics and/or management.

Courses Requirement:

Student must be a high school graduate in order to enroll the economic and management program.



  1. Islamic Finance and Banking
  2. Public Administration
  3. Business Administration
  4. Accounting
  5. Economics